Coochy Cream

Coochy After Shave Protection Mist

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Designed to Protect Newly Shaven Skin & Inhibit Clothing Irritation. Tightens pores and inhibits ingrown hairs. Made with Skin Conditioning & Soothing Agents to Close Pores after Shaving/Waxing & to Protect Against Chafing from Clothing, etc.

Oat Kernel Extract soothing/moisturizing

Chamomile Flower Extractant-inflammatory/anti-bactericidal

Cucumber Fruit Extract skin softening emollient/soothing

Lavender Extract anti-inflammatory soothing/guards against post shave itching

Lily Bulb Extract rejuvenates/heals skin

Raspberry Fruit Extract astringent/conditioning/moisturizing/antioxidant

Sage Leaf Extract skin conditioning/antioxidant/skin protecting/astringent/antimicrobial

Clover Flower Extract skin conditioning/firming

Wheat Germ Extract moisturizing/skin protecting/skin conditioning

Green Tea Leaf Extract antioxidant/soothing/moisturizing/protects skin from free radicals

Echinacea Extract tonic-like to prevent infection/skin conditioning/moisturizing

Licorice Root Extract anti-irritant/anti-inflammatory/soothing to skin Specially Formulated to Provide a Protective Veil Between Newly Shaven Skin and Clothing

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